Zippo Year of The Pig Design 29661

  • $25.35

Brass shell material, red powder coated background, laser engraved motifs.

The engraving method highlights Zippo's signature creating an attractive mark that will stand the test of time. The artwork is etched into the lighter and plated forming a permanent mark. A nice contrast effect is also created.

Zippo continues to launch the Asian zodiac collection with the Year of the Pig in 2019. The combination of laser and auto-engraving on a translucent red lighter offers the best possible luck to its lucky recipients.

Genuine Zippo lighters with distinctive "Click" sound
Wind resistance, works well in all weather conditions.
Gift paper box, with instructions for use and safety warnings.
Goods imported from the US.
Use genuine Gasoline - Wick - Zippo Stone to promote the best performance and safety.
Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

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